Improve workplace productivity

Improve workplace productivity through some simple changes

It is not enough for my organization merely to work and get paychecks at the end the month. My workplace lacked the zeal for increased efficiency and productivity. The lower productivity and ability cannot always be blamed for the employee activity. As an employer, I started to diligently balance efficiency of the employees with productivity just following few guidelines. Often I overlooked these things and concentrated on other areas to increase productivity but ended up without any solutions. By taking few innovative steps I increased my workplace productivity considerably. You can’t believe how it helped.

Some suggestions that can do miracles

To increase my workplace productivity just following few things I reaped benefits. It should always be keeping in mind, that a happy, energetic employee is more productive and is an asset to me. I learnt increasing productivity is not a challenge but a process.

As an employer, I made my employee accountable for the decisions and actions that are taken on the spot so that none of us in the management can be blamed for any unfavorable results. This made the employee work more meticulously, taking decisions carefully after judging the pros and cons and not by virtue of the post or relationship with me or the shop floor manager. So accountability is vital.

Often as an employer, we set targets and feel that our job is done. But in a real sense every target that has been set has to be followed up in a regular basis to gauge the progress, and if any measures or rectifications are needed, it can be done at the grassroots level before it is too late.

Managing my workforce efficiently for increasing productivity was a big challenge. The workforce was not only given proper directions to work, but I blindfolded trusted them. Gave them freedom in operation and style of work in which they are more comfortable to deliver the best results without any objections.

I tried encouraging my employees with rewards and recognition and was surprised to see that it increased productivity. Encouragement motivates the employee to work sincerely and do better. They got a sense of belongingness with my organization. Like me, it has been found by many that paid holidays or company sponsored participation to conferences motivate employees immensely.

I often reached out to my employees asked them about their well being casually and found that it helped in increasing production. Every staff or employee loves to be recognized by the management and feels happy when the management talks or hears them. If as an employer one can reach out to their employees by seeking them out, the target is almost done. The employee feels the warm touch of the employers and works with more efficiency resulting in more output.

I stopped making unrealistic targets demand. As an employer, I always set a realistic target that can be achieved. Putting stresses on your employees fixing aggressive targets and outstretch your employees, you may get more productivity in the short run, but in the long run you will burn out employee energy and enthusiasm to work. So always set an achievable, realistic target.

It may be kept in mind that teamwork generates more ideas and more productivity. An employee might feel isolated working alone. So to avoid this in my organization I started building a successful team and make them work together. This brought competitiveness amongst the employees and productivity increased.

The employee who is happy is the best performing employee. Ensuring my employees enjoy their work. Improving small workplace conditions or culture on the shop floor reaped more production. It didn’t not cost much compared to the increased productivity thus increasing my profit.

As an employer, I started to assign tasks according to the competence of the individual employee. Even an employee who is expert in particular job feels bored to do the same work every day. So, breaking the monotony and rotating the jobs to be done at regular intervals did wonders. Rotating jobs was made easy by Index Time Clock. Rotation also added to other learning processes of other jobs by the employees. They got a holistic view.

Very often I arrange for courses to enhance the employee skill. They feel delighted to take courses that enhance their skill and get additional learning opportunities. I got a sense that they felt indebted on the spending of the company money for the course and worked hard spiritedly and performed better.

Ensuring proper modern types of equipment and tools for production is also a key factor in increasing productivity. I arranged for the same.

Thus following few guidelines I took to improve my workplace productivity. You can definitely try and I am sure I shall click. Feel the pulse and act to achieve.

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