5 things you must know about Gold


Yellow Gold 22 K is 92% Gold, 4.2% Silver and 4.2% Copper.
Yellow Gold 18 K is 75% Gold, 10-20% Silver and 5-15% Copper.
Yellow Gold 24 K is 58% Gold, 4-28% Silver and 14-28% Copper.
Blue Gold 18 K is 75% Gold and 25% Iron.
Green Gold 18 K is 75% Gold, 11-15% Silver and 13-0% Cadmium.
Red gold 18 K is 75% Gold and 25% Copper.
White Gold 18 K is 75% Gold, 18.5% Silver, 1% Copper and 5.5% Zinc.
White Gold type 1 is 90% Gold and 10% Palladium.
Red gold type 2 is 75-85% Gold, 8-10% Nickel and 2-9% Zinc.


Gold is easily accepted anywhere at any time as people have more faith in gold than they do in currencies, or why else do governments still keep huge amounts of gold in their vaults?

The fact that gold was easily accepted and the fact that it was scarce made it a perfect tool for commerce and it was due to all these factors that eventually made gold function as money.

In 1821 Great Britain adopted gold as its official currency and 93 years later in 1914, gold became the measuring scale for almost all the currencies in the world.

From the US dollar to the currency variety of Europe, all had a set standard value in GOLD known as the ‘Gold Standard’ up to 1933. In international trade governments buy gold and sell gold bullions to offset deficits.


Sixty percent of the world’s mined gold today is used for the jewelery trade. The gold jewellery’s trade is also one of the fastest growing online businesses! If you are planning to dispose or sell gold Melbourne is the City to go. There are many good gold dealers online that you may inquire about the precious valuables that you possess without having to leave your home!


Gold is the only metal that does not oxide (rust) at normal temperatures, thus it remains in its shiny form for ages without losing its glow; this was probably the reason why gold was valued from the beginning. The fact that it also falls under the category of scarce metal made it even more valuable.

Throughout history gold has been an object of desire. Battles were fought; cities have fallen and raised because of gold, even Columbus discovered America while he was looking for gold!


On the periodic chart gold is listed as Au from the Latin word for gold Aurums. Being soft and heavy in nature it is the most easily worked metal, it is also one of the least chemically reactive substance known to man! This characteristic allows gold to be easily extracted from the substances that it is trapped in.

Gold is also a very good conductor of electricity and heat. The human body’s temperature is 36 – 37 degrees and gold adopts this temperature very quickly and becomes part of you.

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